About Us

NAPA MOMS is a member-led organization that strives to provide a supportive community for families to share meaningful experiences, resources, and friendships. In 2007 twenty-three moms became the founding members of Napa Moms. Now the group has 400+ members and is an amazing resource for all of its families.

OUR MISSION: Napa Moms is a non-profit organization designed for working and stay-at-home mothers of children living in the Napa Valley. The mission of Napa Moms is to enhance the lives of mothers in the Napa Valley by providing valuable community resources and fostering a supportive community for mothers to share experiences and develop friendships for a healthy life balance.


Sabina Correa
As president of Napa Moms this year, Sabina's vision is to continue to make the group modern and ferment the organization as a crucial resource for new mothers and mothers that are new to Napa. She has a 3 year old son and is a forensic psychologist currently working in an emergency room in Berkeley. She loves helping moms find their tribe and is passionate about helping mothers find a healthy work/life balance.
Jacqui Pio Roda
Director of Business Partnerships
(Open Position)
Director of Community Outreach
Crystal McAuley
Director of Education
Crystal is mom to two boys, 3 years and 18 months old, and also works part time for a small winery in St. Helena. As a Napa Moms Board Member, she hopes to be of service to our community of mothers and families, especially those that have experienced a perinatal mood disorder like she did.
Michele Sanchez
Director of Education
Michele is a mom of a 4 year old daughter and has spent the past 17 years working in education, primarily in the world of admissions. She and her family moved a year ago from Los Angeles to Napa. Currently, she is the Director of Admissions and Marketing at Blue Oak School. She is excited to be part of such an amazing group of accomplished mothers, who are doing really important work by providing support to new moms, engaging the community in important issues and connecting families through fun, social events. She hopes to support families as they begin to think about educational decisions for their children.
Nicky Lipset
Director of Finance
Nicky is a CPA and Tax Manager at a small CPA firm in San Francisco. She and her awesome stay-at-home husband have one son, Alexander, who is almost 2 years old. When not working, they love to spend as much time as possible outdoors. The Napa Moms group has been a wonderful resource to make new friends and give the children more of a network of play date buddies as well.
Whitney Reese
Director of Marketing
Michelle Sander
Director of Membership
In my mom life, I'm in charge of two tiny humans. In my grown up life, I am a copy editor. And in Napa Moms life, I'm in charge of getting local moms connected with this amazing network of women. I could NOT have been as successful in this mom business as I have been without surrounding myself by the intelligent, thoughtful, kind people that you find in this group.
Aurora Heitman
Director of Mom-Owned-Businesses
Owner and Photographer of Pearly Hens Photography. I also have podcast called Meet Me for Coffee, where I hangout with friends and chat over a good cup of coffee at a local coffee shop. We've lived in Napa for 8 years, moved from San Diego. I love my husband, and my two kiddos!
Carrie Saxl
Director of Mom-Owned-Businesses
Occupation: Jewelry Designer/Maker Age of Children: 4 1/2 and 7 years old Why you are passionate about our group? I love the way that our network of moms support one as we face the hurdles that come with raising a family. It's a place to make friends, have fun and be a part of a special community of women.
Alyssa Stoiber
Director of Participation
Ashley Egelhoff
Director of Social Events
Ashley's signature dish is her meatballs with spaetzel! Her husband loves it so much he bought a spaetzel maker. Their go-to date night is Zuzu's in Downtown.
Linda Williams
Director of Social Events
Linda's signature dip is Pork tenderloin with curry and banana and her favorite thing to shop for is purses!
Brandy Johnson
Director of Social Media
Occupation: Digital Marketing & Branding Strategist, Oil Educator Age of Children: Sage is 5 years old and Brody is 2 years old. Why are you passionate about our group: While being a mom is a HUGE blessing, it really does take a village. Finding other moms who are in the same season of life has been the key to keeping my sanity (and sense of humor) through everything. I want to help provide the support that I've received.
Bridget Zand
Director of Technology
Bridget moved to Napa in 2014. She and her two kids love watching the hot air balloons almost every morning and enjoy spending time outside as much as possible!
Karen Zimolzak
Advisor & Preschool Expo Coordinator