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Napa Moms is a place for:

- making new friendships (moms AND children!)

- weekly mommy meetups

- educational speakers and events

- moms' nights out

- weekly playdates

- local activities

- resources and support for new and expecting moms

- and so much more!


Napa Moms is:

A member-led organization that strives to provide a supportive community for families to share meaningful experiences, resources, and friendships. In 2007 twenty-three moms became the founding members of Napa Moms. Now the group has 300+ members and is an amazing resource for all of its families.


Our Mission:

Napa Moms is a non-profit organization designed for working and stay-at-home mothers of children living in the Napa Valley. The mission of Napa Moms is to enhance the lives of mothers in the Napa Valley by providing valuable community resources and fostering a supportive community for mothers to share experiences and develop friendships for a healthy life balance.

Get Your Tickets to Napa Moms Preschool Expo Today

Every year we get bigger and are able to offer you more schools and vendors that you want to see! 

We know Moms & Dads are BUSY! We also know that questions like…"Is my child ready for Preschool? How do I choose a Kindergarten? What philosophy works for my family?"…can make the decision seem OVERWHELMING!

As a trusted resource to Napa Valley families, NAPA MOMS is here to help. We host the Annual Preschool & Kindergarten Expo every year to make sure parents have the opportunity to get their questions answered. 

The Napa Moms Expo is FREE and open to the public.


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Napa Moms is intended to support families in our community. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and all donations will be used to support local efforts, and are tax-deductible. Any amount is welcome!

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