About Napa Moms

NAPA MOMS is a member-led, non-profit, organization that strives to provide a supportive community for families to share meaningful experiences, resources, and friendships. In 2007, twenty-three moms became the founding members of Napa Moms. Now the group has 200+ members and is an amazing resource for all of its families.

OUR MISSION: Napa Moms is a non-profit organization designed for working and stay-at-home mothers of children living in the Napa Valley. The mission of Napa Moms is to enhance the lives of mothers in the Napa Valley by providing valuable community resources and fostering a supportive community for mothers to share experiences and develop friendships for a healthy life balance.

2018 Board of Directors

President | Ashley Egelhoff | NapaMoms@gmail.com

Community Outreach* | Lisa Chuang 

Education | Crystal McAuley & Jennifer Hampton 

Mom-Owned-Businesses | Kinnereth Winegarner & Sakhon Nhek 

Social Events | Courtney Cline & Elena Brynildson 

Business Partnerships | Jacqui Pio Roda

Finance | Nicky Lipset 

Marketing* | Whitney Reese

Membership* | Michelle Sander | NapaMomsMembership@gmail.com

Participation | Alyssa Stoiber 

Social Media | Megan Heimbigner 

Technology | Bridget Zand 

*Denotes current vacancies

Interested in helping?

Board positions are a 2-year commitment, while the president serves a one-year term. There are also other ways to participate besides joining the board. Contact us to find out more about open positions and how you can help Napa Moms!