Is there criteria for joining Napa Moms?

Our organization is intended to support families in our community. The group is open to parents/caregivers who live in Napa County and are expecting a child or have at least one child.

How do I become a member of Napa Moms?

Simply submit the application form below, and pay your dues! Dues are $35 per year, and members are expected to earn 2 participation credits per year to remain active.

What are participation credits?

There are many ways to participate! Here are some examples:

  • Helping at a Napa Moms hosted event
  • Donating items to a Napa Moms drive
  • Delivering an In-A-Pinch meal to a new mom
  • Volunteering through our Community Outreach program
  • Hosting a playdate
  • Bringing snacks to an All Club Playdate
  • Serving on the Leadership Team; as a director or committee member
  • Contributing items for the New Baby gift basket
  • Delivering prepared New Baby gift baskets

Membership Form


Pay Your Dues!

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Dues are $35 per year, pro-rated for your first year according to joining date. Renewals happen in June every year.

Once you've submitted the info in the form above, remember to pay your dues via PayPal. Your application will not be complete until payment is received. After your application info and payment are submitted, you will receive an invitation to join our Private Facebook Group, where you will get info on events, playdates, member resources, and more.

Holly Bloom Memorial Scholarship

Endowed by the Hartford-Sharma Family

Holly Bloom was one of us - she was a new mom as well as a Napa Mom. In April 2018 she lost the battle with her maternal mental health disorder and took her own life. 

Losing Holly prompted major change to the way Napa Moms addresses Maternal Mental Health as an organization. In the year since her death we have changed, added to, and improved the existing services, resources, and messaging surrounding maternal mental health provided to our members. While our weekly Mommy Meetups are open to the public, an annual membership to Napa Moms which provides access to a new mom basket, Mom Squad Mentorship Program, social/holiday events, and more, costs $35. Thanks to a generous donation by the Hartford-Sharma family, anyone who is interested may now join Napa Moms, regardless of their financial situation. 

If you would like to join Napa Moms but are unable to fulfill the monetary donation please simply click the box on the last page of the membership form. We look forward to welcoming you into our Napa Mom family.